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Thai massage



Traditional Thai massage

60 min - 500 UAH
90 min - 650 UAH
120 min - 800 UAH

It is an integral system of healing, which includes a number of ways of influencing, such as deep pressures on muscle tissue, passive exercises resembling postures of yoga, reflexology, stretching, joint disclosure, activation of the energy flow in the human body, acupressure.
After massage you will feel: deep relaxation, stress relief, relaxation of the muscles, increased flexibility, soft stimulation of all systems of the body. Traditional massage will improve blood circulation and reduce the pain of various etiologies.

Thai massage of legs or arms

30 min - 300 UAH
60 min - 430 UAH

Foot massage is performed using special wooden sticks. It affects the biologically active points of the foot - projections of organs and systems of the human body. Foot massage improves blood circulation and mobility of the joints of the foot and knees, aligns the flow of energy, relieves the sensation of heaviness in the legs and muscle tension. Thai hand massage affects the energy centers of the whole arm - from shoulders to fingertips. The procedure helps to relieve tension in the muscles and aligns the energy flows.

Massage of the face

30 min - 200 UAH

Facial massage affects the biologically active facial centers. You will get not only a cosmetic but also a relaxing effect.It will give your skin softness and elasticity. Contributes to the smoothing of fine wrinkles. By strengthening muscles, massage allows you to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of your skin. This procedure deeply calms down, allowing you to feel harmony throughout the body and find clarity of thought. Before the massage, the face is cleaned with toner, after which the skin is scratched. After massage the skin moisturizes the cream.

Massage of the neck-collar zone

30 min - 250 UAH
60 min - 400 UAH

Massage of the neck-collar zone relieves tension and the burden of problems with tired shoulders. It brings relief to frequent headaches, pain in the back, osteochondrosis, insomnia and general feeling of well-being. After the session, the posture will become much more beautiful and you will feel light and self-confidence. The state of health, the mood and the circulation of the brain improve. You will feel fresh and relaxing.

Aroma Oil-massage

60 min - 450 UAH
90 min - 650 UAH

Massage of the whole body with natural aromatic oils.This is an amazing combination of muscular and point massages. Oil massage nourishes, rejuvenates the skin and restores its elasticity. Oils are easily absorbed by the skin and, penetrating deeply into the tissue, promote the removal of toxic substances from it, improve blood circulation and improve the supply of oxygen systems. Oily massage is the perfect way to relax.

Oil massage with coconut oil.

60 min - 560 UAH
90 min - 710 UAH
120 min - 860 UAH

Coconut oil is the most hypoallergenic natural oil from all known. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, vitamins E and K. It has antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties and perfectly moisturizes the skin. The true source of beauty and health! Completely absorbed by the body, softens and soothes the skin, has rejuvenating properties.Massage with coconut oil will give you a pleasant feeling of relaxation, and your skin will become incredibly soft and silky.